Pr Matthew Ling

Matthew Ling D6Matthew Ling

He was born-again in 1986 in the church (Calvary Family Church – CFC) of which he has been the pastor for about 20 years (before he stepped down in 2014) with ministries to four congregations; English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and children. The main church is located in the Sarawak state capital city of Kuching, with 5 churches in the villages.

Married to Rose for over 40 years, they have two grown-up married children. They are very passionate about building strong families that develop children that would truly succeed in life. Matthew and Rose are actively involved in the family-life programmes both in the church and in the community. Matthew is a Certified Family Life Educator under the National Council of Family Relations (U.S.) and currently provides global leadership to the Family Challenge in the Transform World Movement and the 4-14 Window Movement. He is also leading the family ministry development of the global network of national alliances of World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and chairs the Family Life Commission of Asia Evangelical Alliance of WEA.