Dr. Herbert & Ling Ming Tan

IMG_20171024_080540Herbert and Ling Ming Tan

They both are missionaries at large and currently Director of Family Ministries and Youth Counselor at Emmanuel Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya respectively.  Herbert holds a PhD (Christian Education) from Northwestern University, Evanston and teaches in adjunct capacities at various institutions in South East Asia and has written for various in-country periodicals in addressing youth and family concerns in articles including Mentoring Begins at Home.  He is also Editorial Consultant for The Children’s Bible Explorer Series, a home-based Christian Education learning tool published by Pristine World.  Ling Ming holds a MDiv (Pastoral Counseling) and MA (Evangelism) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield and together with Herbert, ministers widely to youths and families.  They have a college-age young adult daughter preparing to fulfill God’s calling in her life to be a teacher, and a teenage son gifted by God in Electrical & Sound Management.  They are a family that loves young people deeply.