Elective Workshop

Choose one (1) workshop only.

1. DO Home

  • Tools for preparing the Church for Family Discipleship

Pastor Matthew Ling

A certified Family Life Educator, Matthew is currently involved in the global leadership of Family Challenge of the Transform World Movement and World Evangelical Alliance. Married to Rose for over 44 years with two married sons, Matthew’s ministry focus is the development of the family discipleship culture in the church.

Ms. Esme Ng

Esme Ng is trained as a Clinical Psychologist, Parenting Coach and Research Consultant with the National Centre for Biblical Parenting, a former lecturer at HELP University, and a sleep-deprived mother of two young, highly-energetic bundles of joy. She currently resides with her family in Vancouver, B.C. and desperately misses Malaysian food, but glad to be rid of KL traffic.

2. Theological Issues in Family Discipleship

  • Key issues in developing a foundation for growing a Kingdom Family

Rev. Moses & Cathy Tey

The Tey’s intensive biblical exploration of how God builds His church spans Genesis to Revelation. At the heart of this framework is the family of God – to cultivate a passionate love for Jesus, the gospel, developing authentic leaders, marriages, parenting, discipleship, and evaluating church programs. Moses’ team served in China (2.5 million live attendance), the USA, and parts of SE Asia. Moses and Cathy are completing a Ph.D. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Church and Family. They have been married 29 years with two adult sons who love the Lord. May God be glorified, and we share His joy.

3. Developing Counseling Support in Family Discipleship

  • Growing a ministry of counseling for Family Discipleship

Dr. Doris Hoo

Doris is currently the Vice President of Malaysia Family Care Association, an organization affiliated with Family Keepers International. She was formerly the Course Master of Family Ministry of Malaysia Bible Seminary.

  • 1984-1989 Taiwan Campus Crusade staff
  • 1989-2010 Malaysia Campus Crusade staff
  • 2008-2020 Malaysia Bible Seminary Lecturer

Austin Sia

Austin is Course Master of Family Ministry and lecturer of Malaysia Bible Seminary. He has been a missionary since 1995, did graduate studies in East Asia School of Theology and Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology (UKM), and is a PhD candidate in Counseling Psychology (UM).

4. Digital Spirituality in Family Discipleship

  • Discipling the digital generation at home

Dr. Herbert & Ling Ming Tan

Herbert and Ling Ming is Director of Discipleship & Nurture and Youth Counselor respectively at Emmanuel Methodist Church, PJ. Herbert holds a PhD in the field of Christian Education and has taught at various seminaries in the Southeast Asian region. He is Chairman of Family Ministries Malaysia and Director of the D6 Conferences in Malaysia. Ling Ming holds master degrees in evangelism and pastoral counseling and actively engages in family-centred youth ministries. They have a young adult daughter fulfilling her call in teaching and a college young adult son pursuing his God-given gifting in the field of Electrical Engineering.

5. FAM101

  • Introduction to training of trainers for Family Discipleship

Rev. Michael & Judy Ng

For the last couple of decades, Michael & Judy Ng have served as tentmakers, training and teaching couples and parents nationally and internationally. The Ngs have consulting partnerships with various institutions and organizations nationally and internationally. They help train leaders in order to expand the base of leadership resources for family ministries worldwide. Married in 1984, Michael & Judy now have two married daughters, Esmeralda and Esperanza, and have two grandchildren.