Breakout Workshop 工作坊

English Workshops

Breakout workshop session B are a repeat of breakout workshop session A

1. Preparing Your Church for Family Discipleship

Step by step exploration on how to manage change in the church culture to grow towards a more family friendly culture for transformation of families.

2. Framing a Road-map for Family Discipleship

How to develop a framework for mapping family discipleship in the church using various strategies and resources

3. Developing a church-based ministry to families

Case study exploration of an example of how to minister to families in an urban church setting

4. Maximizing Faith Nurture of Teenagers

How can church and home partner in discipling teenagers in the face of influences of the digital culture

5. Maximizing Faith Nurture in the Transformative Years of Children

How can church and home partner in discipling children (1-12 years old) in building the foundations for lifelong discipleship

6. Role of Prayer in Family Transformation

Exploring the strategic importance of prayer for family life transformation and discipleship




1. 发展城市的家庭门徒训练


2. 在非基督化背景下与家人接触




4. 深化青少年的信仰栽培


5. 深化在儿童的转型岁月里的信仰栽培


6. 祷告在家庭的转化之角色